Case Studies

A series of case studies were undertaken to demonstrate the fundamental importance of satellite observations for climate monitoring.  The case studies were chosen to cover a wide range of user perspectives and their need for climate services.  Thirteen case studies were selected as representative examples of services that are provided at global, regional and national levels; services in developing and developed countries; and services used in research, operational and policy areas.  Full details of all the case studies can be found in the report on Satellites for Climate Services: Case Studies for Establishing an Architecture for Climate Monitoring from Space.


1. Marine Environmental Monitoring (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

Author: Anthony Rea (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

2. Sea-level Rise and Impact on Coastal Regions

Author: Anny Cazenave (LEGOS CNES/Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, France)

3. Estimating Flood Climatologies and Predication Skills (Australia)

Authors: Guy Schumann (NASA/JPL) & Stephen English (ECMWF)

4. Drought Monitoring in Eastern Africa

Authors: Ignatius Gitonga Gichoni, Peter Omeny & James Muhundi (Kenya Meteorological Department)

5. Crop Monitoring in Eritrea

Author: Mark Dowell (EC JRC)

6. Drought Monitoring and Assessment (China)

Authors: Xiang Fang & Yiping Zhang (CMA)

7. Renewable Energy Resource Assessment (USA, Japan)

Authors: Richard Eckman (NASA), Terry Nakajima (University of Tokyo) & Toshiyuki Kurino (JMA)

8. Solar Energy Potential in Complex Terrain (Switzerland)

Author: Reto Stöckli (MeteoSwiss)

9. Projecting Natural Gas Demand (North-eastern United States)

Authors: Ed Kearns & John Bates (NOAA/NCEI)

10. Monitoring Tropical Deforestation in Support of REDD+

Authors: Mark Dowell & Frédéric Achard (EC JRC)

11. Sea-ice Edge Monitoring for Polar Navigation (Canada)

Authors: Pascal Lecomte & Marcus Engdahl (ESA)

12. Malaria Early Warning System in the Solomon Islands using Seasonal Climate Outlooks

Authors: Yahya Abawi, Lloyd Tahani & co-authors (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

13. Stratospheric Ozone Monitoring and Assessment for Determining Efficacy of the Montreal Protocol

Authors: Paul Newman (NASA/GSFC), Richard Eckman (NASA)