ECV Inventory

The Essential Climate Variables (ECV) Inventory houses information on Climate Data Records (CDR) provided mostly by CEOS and CGMS member agencies.  The inventory is a structured repository for the characteristics of two types of GCOS ECV CDRs:

  • Climate data records that exist and are accessible, including frequently updated interim CDRs;
  • Climate data records that are planned to be delivered.

The ECV Inventory is an open resource to explore existing and planned data records from space agency sponsored activities and provides a unique source of information on CDRs available internationally. Access links to the data are provided within the inventory, alongside details of the data’s provenance, integrity and application to climate monitoring.

The inventory is continuously updated by data producers and curators, and new versions of the database will be tentatively published on a biannual basis.  The current version of the ECV Inventory is based on data collected during 2019. The interactive version 3.0 of the inventory is available below, and a static export is available here: ECV_Inventory_v3.0. For completeness, v2.0 is also made available for download: ECV_Inventory_v2.0.