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The Architecture for Climate Monitoring from Space in Action


About the ECV Inventory

It is recognised that a fundamental value of the architecture for climate monitoring from space is its end-to-end nature covering the use of observations in applications serving decision and policy making based on the needs of the downstream users.

The backbone of the architecture is the provision of a structured, comprehensive and accessible view as to what Climate Data Records are currently available and planned from satellite missions operated by CEOS and CGMS member Agencies or their combination.(See the GCOS Requirements)

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Please note that the information related to the ECV Inventory on this page relates to he first version of the ECV Inventory established in 2013 is shown here for completeness. The data on this page is no longer up-to-date and shall not be used for further analysis. The second version of the ECV inventory is currently under preparation with the involvement of data providers identified by the members of the joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate. This version is not yet publicly available.

Registered Users

Registered users can access the ECV Inventory here

Current & planned Climate Data Records

from satellite missions
operated by CEOS and CGMS member Agencies

First version of the ECV Inventory (read-only)