About WGClimate

In response to the climate monitoring needs as formulated by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), the goal of the Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate (WGClimate) is to improve the systematic availability of Climate Data Records through the coordinated implementation, and further development of the architecture for climate monitoring from space.

Important milestones


The objectives of the Joint WGClimate are the provision of a structured, comprehensive and accessible view as to what Climate Data Records are currently available and planned from satellite missions operated by CEOS and CGMS member Agencies or their combination.

WGClimate also contributes to the creation of the conditions for delivering further Climate Data Records, including multi-mission Climate Date Records, through best use of available data to fulfil GCOS requirements, by identifying and targeting gaps/shortfalls in the generation of climate data records and by identification of multi-agency implementation teams to address the generation of climate data records. complete overview of the GCOS Requirements.

The final goal is the optimisation of the planning of future satellite missions and constellations to expand existing and planned Climate Data Records, both in terms of coverage and record length, and to address possible gaps with respect to GCOS requirements.