Climate Monitoring from Space

The Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate (WGClimate) is tasked with responding to UNFCCC and GCOS on the monitoring of climate from space.

The WGClimate is the centre-piece of CEOS’ contribution to climate change monitoring.

WGClimate is the body of major space agencies responsible for guiding the implementation of the architecture for space-based climate monitoring in response to GCOS.

Working Group Climate - WGClimate

WGClimate is a joint group including CEOS Agencies and the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellite (CGMS)

The group coordinates and encourages collaborative activities between the world’s major space agencies in the area of climate monitoring with the overarching goal to improve the systematic availability of Climate Data Records through the coordinated implementation and further development of a global architecture for climate monitoring from space.

WGClimate facilitates the implementation and exploitation of Essential Climate Variable (ECV) time-series through coordination of the existing and substantial activities undertaken by CEOS Agencies and via strong collaboration with other CEOS Working Groups and Virtual Constellations.

The WGClimate Terms of Reference provide more detail on its strategy and efforts.

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